Haitian Black Castor Oil 30ml

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Why we love it!

Just as effective as the much beloved Jamaican black castor oil. We decided to hand select the lesser known Haitian black castor oil as we have sourced it through a fair trade scheme that helps over 70 Haitian farmers with a view to create more jobs.



Grown and processed from the castor bean in Haiti, this organic/unrefined Haitian black castor oil is a light emollient applied externally to soothe dry skin. It is also ideal for hair treatments as it softens and nourishes. Haitian black castor oil can be applied to help relieve ear problems, stimulate hair growth and used on baggy eyes/dark circles. 
Hand-pressed without the use of chemicals, organic/unrefined Haitian black castor oil has a very faint smoky scent and is fantastic as a hot oil treatment.  
Haitian black castor oil is traditionally used to thicken and nourish hair, soften the skin and encourage nail growth



Apply all over hair and scalp for all over treatment or target specific areas. Use on wet/damp hair as a sealant. Can be used on lashes and brows with a cotton bud.



100% unrefined Haitian Castor Oil