Get Help With Your Hair

Like many natural hair & loc wearers you may be seriously missing your regular hair appointment along with all the care, styling and advice usually provided by your trusted stylist. We fully understand and that's why we have teamed up with the UK's favourite Natural Hair & Loc Bar to bring you online consultations via Zoom.
Select which consultation you most need and we'll be in touch to schedule a specific time at your convenience. 
All consultations cost £25.00 and last a maximum of 40 mins. This will be your opportunity to ask our trained natural hair specialists any hair related question in the privacy of your home. Where possible we will attempt to demo product usage and techniques to support you.
We look forward to sharing our skills and knowledge with you. So get your questions ready!


Starting Locs
Book this consultation if you are thinking of starting locs and want to find out more about the process, installation and aftercare. This
consultation is primarily geared towards clients who plan to start locs in-salon in the near future but may also be helpful if you are considering starting at home


Maintaining Locs
Book  this consultation if you currently have locs and need help with maintenance, product usage and styling. We can also help if you need to trouble shoot any challenges specific to your hair


Permanent Loc Extensions/Instant Locs
Book this consultation if you are interested in installing instant locs using you own hair or by adding loc extensions.
This service is for those who intend to keep their locs permanently and would not suit clients who want a temporary 'loc look' 
This consultation is primarily geared towards clients who plan to start locs in-salon in the near future.
Natural Hair Maintenance & Transitioning
Book this consultation if you need some advice in relation to transitioning, maintenance, product usage & styling suggestions. It may also be useful to talk though tips for detangling, washing and stretch drying your hair.
Curl Definition
Book this consultation if you are exploring ways to achieve effective curl definition - whether though twisting techniques or product usage.
This is an area of styling where practice makes perfect and our hacks will help you save time and product. We will also spend time on aftercare tips so that you can make your curl definition last as long as possible,
Cuts, Colour Check-in & Colour Test
Book this consultation if you are considering a tapered cut, or if you currently have colour and need some guidance on how to optimise the condition of your hair until you can return to the salon. You can also book if you are considering colouring your hair in-salon and want to talk through your options.
A universal colour patch test is available to purchase for here on CurlClinicLondon which you can apply at home to check whether it is safe for you to use colour.