About Us

Who is CurlClinic London?

Strategically based in London, we are uniquely positioned to reach out and serve Europe's rapidly evolving natural, curly hair market.

CurlClinic chooses to partner with industry innovators, educators and technicians who are at the forefront of meeting the needs of the client with curly hair.
We understand that you come to us, already having made the perfect choice to enhance your natural curls. We also understand that to achieve optimum hair and scalp health, professional input and great products are needed. That's why we're here!

Our Team

The CurlClinic London team are curly hair experts with years of industry experience. We are stylists, educators, trichologists and nutritionists who will be working collaboratively to bring you the best of our technical, theoretical and product knowledge.

Why a Membership-Only Section?

We deliberately intend to build an international community of CurlClinic members who value the small, premium brands we will be bringing to you. CurlClinic members have priority to purchase online and will also have exclusive access to  on and offline seminar and network events planned for 2015.


Premium Handcrafted Products

We prioritise small producers of premium, handcrafted products in our retail mix. Many of the brands we will be bringing to you will only be available in Europe via CurlClinic London.