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Garlicare supplies an amazing 4800mcg of the active ingredient Allicin per tablet. In addition, it is one of the few garlic products on the market, which is enteric, coated. This will give you peace of mind that your breath will remain odour free. Allergen Free.

Allicin is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. It is a a natural anti-viral that is capable of supporting the immune system, 

Garlic has been shown to detox the body against metal toxicity and reduce blood pressure.

Allicin is not something you would immediately associate with bone health but surprisingly, the component may help to improve the density of your bones, especially if you are a menopausal woman. i


30 tablets
1 tablet daily with food.

Keep out of reach of children. Women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy should consult their doctor before taking food supplements. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.