Ximenia Oil 30ml

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Why We Love It!

This oil is the bomb! The definition of liquid gold! We don't know how we lived without it and neither will you! It is rich, thick, smooth, silky and spreads like a dream without being greasy and gives hair the most amazing shine.


Ximenia oil also known as wild plum or sour plum comes from the seeds of a small tree similar to sandlewood and is indigenous to southern Africa.

This luxe laden oil is dense in nutrients that help to reconstruct and revitalise hair and skin ximenia oil also has nourishing, moisturising and softening properties. 

This is an extremely precious oil as only 3 tonnes are produced worldwide.


A little goes a long way with this oil!  Use a drop or two neat on hair, scalp and skin for a shot of super moisture or added to product for extra nourishing. Great as an all natural heat protectant before blow drying or direct heat from tongs and wands.  


Ximenia seed oil