Colour Start Patch Tests

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Colourstart is a unique patch test used as a skin allergy test. This test can easily be applied at home and will help establish if you are likely to have a problem with hair dye.

Colourstart must be applied a minimum of 48 hours before colour application and ideally done every 6 months. Once carried out and no sensitivity is indicated, you can book a salon appointment or colour hair at home adhering strictly to manufacturer instructions.


PPD (paraphenylenediamine) is the active ingredient found in permanent hair dye  which is proven to cause allergic reactions in hypersensitive individuals. Allergy to PPD can cause reactions with symptoms such as soft tissue swelling, blisters and infection.

In rare and extremely severe cases the reactions can be life threatening.​ These allergic responses can develop at anytime.

Whether a professional or domestic user of hair dye, the simplest way to avoid complications is to test.